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2. Application for Training Program

Application for
Vancouver Island Assistance Dogs
Training Program current as of May 7, 2013

We are NOT accepting applications at this time. 

If you are interested in training and other support, please copy the form, open our email, paste it in, fill it out and send it to us.

Please note: We ARE  accepting applications from outside of  of Vancouver Island, BC Canada for web-based (Skype or  Facebook Web Chat) training sessions for paid training sessions. 
If you have a webcam with mic and high speed connection, we can help you with your training, no matter where you live.  Please check here for more information. 

We also offer in-person visits (in the Nanaimo area), and now charge gas for vehicles so we can reimburse our volunteers for travel to and from your home or the training location.

Your information in confidential. If your application is not complete, we will not take it seriously. If you have questions, call and talk to us (or email us with specific questions) before taking the time to fill it out. 

Please answer each question separately.

Age: (if under 18 years need permission/supervision of a parent or legal guardian)
Postal Code:

Tell us about your dog: (age, breed/mixes, height, temperament, health, activity level, favorite activities, interest in learning etc)

Has your dog been spayed or neutered:
Where did you get your dog?
What health checks were done on the parents and/or your pup? hips (OFA), elbows, knees, eyes CERF), hearing etc
Does your dog have a genetic or personal history of epilepsy, allergies or other heath problems?
Does your dog have a genetic or personal history of temperament issues such as fearfulness?
Has your dog ever shown aggression or bit at anyone or anything in the past?

Are there any other pets in the home? (what?)

Tell us about you: (whatever you want to share including any other dogs you have been personally responsible for)

What experience do you have with training dogs?

List the training methods have you used? I.e. correction and praise, food rewards, toys rewards, operant conditioning (clicker) etc.

Do you have any issue with using food, toys or behaviors for training? (We base our training on the principles of learning theory which uses food, toys, behaviors the dog enjoys doing and life rewards as it works and anyone can learn to us it. It is ideal for people with physical and emotional limits since physical and mental/emotional force is not needed.) 

How do you think training your dog as an assistance dog will make a difference in your life?

List the specific types of tasks you think your dog will be able to help you in daily living:
(see IAADP link for ideas but please include others you may have)


Do you have access to a webcam with built-in mic and highspeed internet?

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